Awards will be given at the end of each race.

There is no prize money for the Pro/Racing class.  Medals will be provided to each paddler who finishes 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. The name hometown and class of each 1st place team in the Pro Race events will be listed on the Tour du Teche Monument at Berwick, LA.

Tour du Teche 135 (Race 1)

Race for the BOURRé POT for 135

First boat to break the Record Time from Port Barre to Berwick in each class gets Bourré Pot for that class.

If no boat breaks the record time in a class, more may be added to next years Bourré Pot for that class.

CLASS A (USCA C2) $2000

Record time: 21:11:27
Record held by:
Rocky Caldwell, West Plains, MO; Gareth Stevens, Hubertus, WI (2012)

CLASS B (Solo Unlimited – Single Blade Paddle) $1000

Record time: 20:58:36
Record held by:
Tommy Yonley, Houston, TX (October 2-4, 2015)

CLASS C (Tandem Unlimited – Single/Double Blade Paddle) $2000

Record time:  18:31:43
Record held by:
Brad Pennington, Houston, TX; Joost Zeeger, Bellingham, WA (2012)

CLASS D (Solo Unlimited – Double Blade Paddle) $2000

Record time: 18:59:32
Record held by:
Mark Addison, Houston, TX (2012)

CLASS E (Big Boat Unlimited – Single/Double Blade Paddle) $500

Record time: 18:05:57
Record held by:
Wendell Smith, Bobby Smart, Chris Champion, Phil Bowden, Heather Harrison, R D Kisserling (2016)

Pro Race and Voyageur Race Classes Prizes

First place: Medal
Second place: Medal
Third place: Medal

In addition to cash prizes and medals, each registered paddler will receive a Tour du Teche performance shirt.

Top of the Teche 

All racers will vie for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals in their class.  A 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place youth award will be given to winners 17 years and younger in each class.

“The Jessica Award”
Esprit des Coureur des Bois

The Jessica trophy will be awarded, by popular acclaim, to the coureur de bois who best exemplifies the bonhomie, that spirit of cooperation and good will between teams and spectators, that has set Tour du Teche apart from its beginning.

The award is named for Texan Jessica Geisinger, an unofficial coureur de bois who, despite serious disabilities, has etched herself in the hearts and minds of veteran TDT paddlers and coureurs de bois by her unflagging and cheerful presence at bridges and check points.

Each registered coureur de bois in Race 1 – 7, and Race 10 & 11, will be eligible for the award. The winner will be chosen by one vote of each registered boat and the winner will be announced Sunday at the finish line in Berwick.

Tour du Teche 2011 112