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RELAY rules for TDT 135 new event for 2020 and beyond

4 classes:

(1) Solo (one person) any type or combination of solo boats or SUPs

(2) Tandem (two person) double blade/kayak)

(3) Tandem (two person) single blade/canoe

(4) Tandem (two person) youth/scout (BSA troops and Venturer Crews) ages 13-21 single blade/canoe. Must wear PFD at all times.

A mix of canoe or kayak with single or double bladed paddle is allowed in double blade/kayak classes, but only canoes with single blade paddles are allowed in the canoe/single blade classes.

If we have registered more than 3 of any ‘group of paddlers’ we may divide the classes to recognize more participants with awards. (For example: all women, all SUP, same category of canoe [unlimited vs USCA vs 17 foot aluminum], all 50+ age, or Scout unit aluminum or scout unit USCA or another category.)

Awards: 1st, 2nd, 3rd in each of the four classes. An award (ribbon or medal) to each team member as long as they registered to race for the TDT relay 135. There are no cash prizes. Based on the number and composition of participating teams there could be more classes and awards.

Exchange points (also known as relay points) are only at points where a TDT official watches/records the exchange. These are the “official checkpoints.” See the TDT maps for details.

There will be 2 to 3 legs per day over the TDT 135 miles course. info/maps/

• 3 legs on day 1, the 49 mile section: Start (Port Barre) to Myrans – 18 miles, Myrans to Poche’s 12 miles, Poche’s to st Martinville end- 19 miles.

• 3 legs on day 2, the 59 mile section: Start to New Iberia- 22 miles (portage on leg 1 at 3.5 miles ), New Iberia to Charenton – 20 miles, Charenton to Franklin -17 miles

• 2 legs on day 3 the 27 mile section: Start to Patterson boat ramp – 15.5 miles, Patterson to end – 11.5 miles (1 st leg of day 3 two portages , the last leg of day 3 has one long portage)

Team sizes are described in the FEES section.

Any type of boat (canoe or kayak over 14 feet long, or SUP) would be allowed in the solo open class. Tandem class must use tandem canoes or kayaks of any type over 14 feet in length. More information can be found at or .

All boats which might be used must be inspected before the race at the race check-in. All inspected boats do not have to be used, but at least one of the inspected boats must be used and all boats must have the same “race number” for the race.

Exchange/relay point to each leg must take place within 25 yards (within line of sight) of the checkpoint volunteer or race official. The incoming team must make some “touch contact” with the outgoing team if different boats are used. If the same boat is used between relay/exchange points, the exchange must take place near or on the shore of Bayou Teche.

“Touch contact” is a touch by blade, a touch of the boat, or a touch of the paddler to start a new “leg”.

For the relay classes, one person or one tandem team can NOT do a whole day, they MUST have a partner team do at least one “leg” for each day. But a team can do “back to back legs.” A large penalty or disqualification will occur if this rule is broken.

The daily starts of the relay classes will be with all other boats for the first leg of the TDT each day. Relay teams do not have to have a coureur des bois, team members not paddling can take on that role over the three days of the race. However, each relay team must have a lead member/contact for sharing information and verifying the daily times. This is the team captain.

The relay team winners are not eligible for the whole TDT 135 mile prizes or awards, nor the Triple Crown championship events for any given year and thus will not have their members’ names on the TDT monument at Berwick.

Current PFD rules for TDT 135 One previously checked USCG approved PFD for each paddler must be in each canoe, kayak, SUP. There are several times that a PFD must be worn properly during the TDT event. Adults need to wear PFDs at the start of day 2 to a point past the portage and dam and then on day 3 all paddlers must wear PFDs between the gates and for the last 2 miles into Berwick.

The youth/scout class, participants aged 13-21 must properly wear approved lifejackets/PFDs during the entire event.

Paddlers over 18 years of age and not in the youth/scout class are considered adults and existing PFD rules apply.


Cost is per person, no shirts are included but are available for sale during the days of the race. $40.00 per person for the relay. Minimum 2 people, maximum 3 people in solo class. Minimum 4 people, maximum 6 people for tandem class. Not all members of each relay team are required to paddle

$20 per person special rate for BSA and GSA Troops/Venture Crews/Youth Clubs, ages 13 to 21.

$5.00 discounts for registrations before Sept 1 of the race year. Use the discount code on the registration page.


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