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About the Races

Tour du Teche 135 – Race 1, and Race 2 – 7

Tour du Teche 135 is an annual race for canoes, kayaks, pirogues (the traditional Cajun canoe), and SUP’s along the entire length of Bayou Teche in southwestern Louisiana, a total of 135 miles (217 kilometers) including small sections of Bayou Courtableau and the Atchafalaya River. It’s a three-day staged race beginning the first Friday in October.

There are three (3) classes of Tour du Teche 135: Pro Race, in which some of the fastest boats and paddlers from around the world vie for cash prizes; and Voyageur Race, or recreational,  and now the Relay option. In all three,  the participants challenge themselves as well as each other for trophies, bragging rights and adventure. Voyageurs may opt for shorter races held in conjunction with Tour du Teche 135.

Tour du Teche 135 was begun in 2010 with the dual purpose of introducing the beautiful Teche Country to paddlers and other eco-tourists from beyond and to illustrate for its residents the recreational, aesthetic, cultural and economic value of Bayou Teche. Since the race’s inception, these two groups, visitors and local folk, have met and mingled in happy expositions of music and cuisine that give Tour du Teche 135 it’s reputation as moveable party as well as a tough series of paddle marathons.

C’est pas juste une course!

Tour de la Rivière Rouge  (275)- Race 10

This is an adventurers’ race, 275 miles (443 kilometers) from Bossier City to Butte La Rose inside of 129 hours, down the Red and Atchafalaya rivers to  Butte La Rose.  Unlike Tour du Teche 135, there are no check points, no mandatory stops, and racers have the option to portage around or lock through the five dams on the Red River. Teams must have a coureur de bois and must employ a SPOT Tracker. This race is currently NOT being held.

Ouachita River 49er

Ouachita River 49er  is a 49 mile (79 kilometer) race from West Monroe, La. To Columbia, La. The race starts at Lazarre Park in West Monroe and ends at the Riverton Recreation Ares just above the Columbia Lock and Dam. Racers have 15 hours to finish the race.

Ouachita River 13

Ouachita River   a new shorter race, 13 miles  race from XXX, La. To Columbia, La. The race starts at YYYY  and and ends at the Riverton Recreation Ares just above the Columbia Lock and Dam.

Top of the Teche – Race 8

A 7.7 mile race for kayaks, canoes, pirogues, and SUP’s from Leonville to Arnaudville in St. Landry Parish.

Chitimacha – Race 9

This is now a 10 mile race with a new starting location. This race was as a 20 mile race for kayaks, canoes, pirogues, and SUP’s from New Iberia to Charenton through the parishes of Iberia and St. Mary.  We now go 10 miles and start in Jeanette LA . We still get plenty of natural beauty. The race begins in beautiful Jeanerette City Park and ends on the Chitimacha Reservation.

Lower Atchafalaya River Sprint

A series of  3 mile races for kayaks (includes canoes)  with Prize money for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th  places in each  of 4 racing classes. Prizes for men and women classes. The race is loop course that starts and ends at the same location, Morey Park in Patterson, La.

Recreation paddlers are welcome and will receive medals as awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in 4 classes for a 1 mile looped course.

Start Morey Park in Patterson, La. 29 41 41.07 N  91 18 07.47 W
Racing division has  four (4) classes with prize money:
  •     Male-Solo single or double blade
  •     Female -Solo single or double blade
  •     Male and Mixed- Tandem single or double blade
  •     Female – Tandem single or double blade

Why We Do It

Tour du Teche has been an economic engine for communities along Bayou Teche, a regional tourist attraction, and an effective program for promoting and protecting the bayou as a natural and cultural resource.  Since the race began, Bayou Teche has been designated a National Paddle Trail by the U.S. Park Service and a National Water Trail by the U.S. Interior Department.  The Chitimacha Nation has built a new park on the bayou.  There are two commercial kayak liveries on the Teche, and government-funded kayak launch pads at various spots.  The colorful boats are much more in evidence, in the water and on roof racks, and with them come a high grade of tourists, well-heeled and ecologically sensitive.

Locals, too, are taking more pride in Bayou Teche.  The TECHE Project (www.techeproject.org), which spawned the Tour du Teche, conducts periodic clean-ups of the bayou.  The City of St. Martinville has created a bayou-side park as a venue for festivals as well as a finish/start for the Tour.  The Town of Leonville built a launch ramp that has become a focal point of the town.  The City of Berwick has turned the Tour du Teche finish into its annual festival.

The Red River race adds a whole new dimension in terms of challenge, culture and heritage.

We’re linking the old steamboat towns together again.