Subject to change due to weather and attendance

The location changes each year, for 2023 the Petite Tour du Teche will be in Charenton at the Chitimacha paddling dock.

7 AM – 9AM
Late registration for all age groups.

8 AM – 11 AM
Boat and Equipment Check for all age groups.

8:30 AM
Pre-Race Ceremony.

9 AM
Start Races

The first race will begin promptly at 9 AM, all other races will begin after a 10 minute intermission between each race. Races will occur in the following order:

Race 1: Fledgling I · K1 Race

Race 2: Fledgling II · K1 Race

Race 3: Bantam · K1 Race

Race 4: Juvenile · K1 Race

Race 5: Junior · K1 Race

Race 6: Fledgling I · K1 Recreational

Race 7: Fledgling II · K1 Recreational

Race 8: Bantam · K1 Recreational

Race 9: Juvenile · K1 Recreational

Race 10: Junior · K1 Recreational

Race 11: Fledgling I · K2 Recreational

Race 12: Fledgling II · K2 Recreational

Race 13: Bantam · K2 Recreational

Race 14: Juvenile · K2 Recreational

Race 15: Junior · K2 Recreational

Race 16: Fledgling I · SUP Recreational

Race 17: Fledgling II · SUP Recreational

Race 18: Bantam · SUP Recreational

Race 19: Juvenile · SUP Recreational

Race 20: Junior · SUP Recreational

Break for one hour lunch.  Time to be determined on race day.

Awards Ceremony to follow after all races are finished.

Each child will be issued a number for identification purposes and will be able to race in as many races allowed by their age division.

Any questions, call Tave Lamperez at 630-605-0671