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Louisiana Triple Crown

What is the Louisiana Triple Crown?

The Louisiana Triple Crown

Attracting the best of the best in canoe and kayak racing, the Louisiana Triple Crown is a three-year quest for the fastest overall time in all three of the state’s grueling ultra-marathons: the Tour de la Rivière Rouge 275(443km), Tour du Teche 135(217 km), and the Ouachita River 49er (49 miles)(79km)
•Tour de la Rivière Rouge is a 275-mile adventure race from Shreveport-Bossier City down the Red River into the Atchafalaya to Butte La Rose. This is a straight-through, round-the-clock race with no physical checkpoints. Racers have 130 hours to finish.
•Tour du Teche 135, is a three-day, 135-mile staged race down the entire length of Bayou Teche. “Staged” means that it is run in three stages or courses: 49 miles from Port Barre to St. Martinville, 59 miles from St. Martinville to Franklin; and 27 miles from Franklin to Berwick.
•Ouachita River 49er  is a 49 mile race from West Monroe, La. To Columbia, La. The race starts at Lazarre Park in West Monroe and ends at the Riverton Recreation Ares just above the Columbia Lock and Dam. Racers have 15 hours to finish the race.

*Paddlers in each of the four Pro Racing classes who compile the fastest combined time in all three races will have their name, hometown, class and time cast in bronze and will be placed on the Louisiana Triple Crown Monument in Berwick, La..
Racers may enter all three races in one year. Fastest time over a three year period in each race is the time used for fastest combined time.

The Louisiana Triple Crown recognizes the individual paddler. Any paddler vying in a multi-paddler class is not required to have the same partners for each race of the Triple Crown. Nor do the boats have to be the same but they must be in the same class.
The Pro Racing classes are:
Class B – Solo Unlimited – Single blade paddles only. Minimum length 14 feet.
Class C – Tandem Unlimited – Two paddlers, single and/or double blade paddles.  Minimum length 14 feet. (USCA C2 would be in this class)
Class D – Solo Unlimited – Double blade paddles only. Minimum length 14 feet.
Class E – Big Boat Unlimited – Minimum three paddlers, maximum six paddlers, single and/or double blade paddles.

2015-2017 Triple Crown Winners

Current Standings for LA Triple Crown