1) Failure to follow any of the rules and regulations may result disqualification from the race. These rules apply to all paddlers, coaches, and support personnel registered or unregistered.

2) All entrants will be notified if any change to the rules and regulations are necessary prior to the race.

3) Tour du Teche rules and regulations, and all USCA rules apply to all races under Tour du Teche trademark.


4) General registration opens July 1, 2015.

5) Late registrations will be accepted on August 1, 2015, 7 AM to 9 AM, for all age divisions. Participants will receive a performance shirt the day of the race.

6) Registration fees are $20 per paddler. Fees include performance shirt and insurance.


7) All team members shall enter the race at their own risk. Tour du Teche and its officials and sponsors are not responsible for accidents to personnel, or damage to boats or equipment.

8) All liability waivers shall be signed prior to the race.

9) A parent or legal guardian shall be present to sign a waiver of liability for all paddlers.

10) All ages are calculated as of day of race.

11) All registered racers are covered by insurance through USCA. Your registration fee includes the premium for this coverage.


12) Under no circumstances shall any illegal drug be taken during race period. Teams are not allowed to drink or have alcohol in the boat during the race. No paddler is permitted to be under the influence of alcohol on the water.

13) Each paddler must wear a properly sized and in servicable condition United States Coast Guard approved Type I, II, or III personal flotation device. FAA approved PFD shall have approved by USCG printed on the PFD to be valid.

14) Boat shall have adequate flotation to float while swamped. Life jackets cannot be used for this purpose.

15) Paddlers must wear shoes at all times.

16) Tour du Teche race officials may cancel a race at any time due to severe weather. Should a hurricane effect a race date an alternate date will be posted on the official Tour du Teche web site, There are NO REFUNDS for weather cancellation.

17) United States Coast Guard, Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries, law enforcement agencies and Tour du Teche officials have the authority to disqualify any paddler or boat for violation of any rule of USCG, LDWF or Tour du Teche. Boat shall be immediately removed form Bayou Teche and is considered out of the race.

18) Boat and equipment check is mandatory. All paddlers and registered coureur des bois are required to attend a safety talk.


19) Only human muscle powered boats will be permitted to race. Rowing gear is prohibited.

20) Your boat must meet all specifications of class in which you are racing.

21) Teams must finish the race in the same boat they started in.

22) All members of a team shall travel in the same boat. Should a team member drop out of the race for any reason, the team member can not re-enter the race or be replaced by another paddler. Relays in any form are prohibited.

23) Teams may bring their own food and drink in the boat or get food or drink at any point along the race course. Being resupplied by boat, paddle or motor driven, is prohibited.

24) A number for your boat will be assigned to you and placed in your information packet. The packet can be picked up after the boat and equipment check. The number must be affixed one to each side of the bow of your boat. Those boats that don’t have accommodating bow for this purpose shall affix the number on the decks fore and aft.

25) Names for boats should be painted or affixed to each side of the boat. Not required but strongly recommended. Individual boat sponsor names and logos are encouraged to be affixed to the boat.

26) You cannot interfere with another team’s progress.

27) No littering of the bayou or its banks.


28) A paddler, or coach, who wishes to lodge a protest shall submit the protest to the Executive Director or Director Generals ONLY in writing and signed accompanied by a $20.00 cash protest fee. Should the protest be upheld by Tour du Teche officials, $10.00 will be refunded.

29) Written and signed protests must be filed by one hour prior to the start of the awards ceremony.